The Lyceum Ars – an order of artists, musicians, and arcane research, based out of the Old Quarter. The Lyceum owns a large tower which suffers from occasional supernatural problems. Within the Lyceum there are several schools and subgroups: art, music, and arcane study. Notable buildings in the Lyceum Ars include an opera hall and a maskmaker’s guild.

The Chevaliers – 500 years ago, Ave Sestina was ruled by royalty and a caste of nobility. The People’s Revolution overthrew the monarchy and installed a democratically elected council. Though there are no longer “nobles” in the traditional sense of the word, the people who trace their ancestry to the original noble cast call themselves Chevaliers. The Chevaliers contain a Knightly order called the Order of the Sail. There are nine degrees within the Order. Members of the higher degrees command troops. Membership is open to anybody, but recruits who were not hand picked and invited by the Order’s leaders are not assigned a degree and remain guards or foot soldiers. These “town guards” wear two-colored tabards, of yellow and wine colors.

The Citadel – There is a cathedral for each of the common human deities. A high priest rules over each cathedral. The citadel is a large domed church in St. Beck’s district, where Archpriest Orion sits.

The Lemitri Bank – A powerful financial institution owned by J. C. Fielding, a Halfling tycoon.


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