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The campaign takes place in The City of Ave Sestina, which is written to be similar to medieval Venice, Italy.

The campaign theme includes elements of intrigue and mystery as well as good old fashioned hack and slash violence.

The City

The city of Ave Sestina lies in a delta where River of Wine meets the Ateal Ocean. It is an ancient city, an independent city-state, and has been home to civilized people for over two thousand years. Ave Sestina is presently home to about 120 thousand citizens. The vast majority of them are humans, though almost all races are at least somewhat represented in the population.

The city’s most prominent feature is its waterways. The city is built on over 100 islands in the lagoon at the mouth of the river. The quickest way to navigate the city is by gondola.

The city’s name is derived from a statue posted at the city’s front gates. The statue depicts a beautiful woman holding a plaque. There is a Sestina, a six part poem, etched upon the plaque. It is traditional to greet this woman upon return from a long journey, “Ave Sestina”.

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