A long time ago, Ave Sestina was ruled by a King. The King and the Aristocracy (noble families) controlled the city. Sometimes it was good, other times it was bad. Hundreds of years ago, there was a revolt, and the king was overthrown. Now, Ave Sestina is a republic.

Governing Bodies

There are three components to the ruling body of Ave Sestina: the Doge, the council, and the barons.

Each neighborhood holds regular elections for membership in the city council, a group of of 41 officials who meet in the crown district. The council is generally regarded as an inefficient governing body, paralyzed by politics and private interests. The council determines the city’s laws, and passes directives to be carried out by the barons.

Each of the city’s six districts is governed by a baron, a noble appointed by the council. The barons answer to the council and must follow their commands. If they do not, they are quickly replaced. Most Barons have very short careers.

The vote for counselor takes place publicly, but voters are required to wear masks. Votes take place every four years, but the actual time of vote is on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis.

The council is ruled by a secretive group called the council of 6. Also known as the high counselors, they hold the real power in the city council. There is one high council member for each district.

The council of 6 appoints the Doge, a political figurehead with a lifetime year term. The current Doge is a human named Aronne Carlo.

Political Factions

The groups listed above are not necessarily running the show. The most influential political groups in Ave Sestina are not governing bodies in nature…

The Chevaliers are a group of aristocrats who trace their lineage back to the founding of the city. They no longer have any real political power, but are still very well connected to the council and the doge. Most citizens see the Aristocracy as an outdated body, a symbol of monarchy, no longer necessary for the city to run. They are sometimes called the Crown faction.

The Lemitri Bank has a choke hold on the city’s finances. They are sometimes called the Coin faction.

The Churches are also well connected and tend to work together to accomplish their goals. They are sometimes called the Cloth faction.


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