City Districts

Saint Beck’s District – this is a large district known for its marble architecture. There are numerous cathedrals in this area. This district includes St Melars Island, the graveyard island. This area is considered fairly posh.

Market District – the smallest district, right in the center of the city.

Ridge District – the highest ground in Ave Sestina. The strip of the city which is built on the mainland is part of the ridge district. The ridge district contains the ghetto, where debtors are forced to live.

Crown District – the crown district is the site of the old King’s castle, and the council house.

Foreign District – a seedy part of town which is thick with inns and foreign foods. This is where most travelers stay.

Old Quarter – a section of the city which hasn’t been remodeled since ancient times. The Old Quarter is also known as the monument district, named for its plentiful statues and plaques. Many of these old markers are eroded and their meaning is lost.

Other Landmarks

Sovrano Castle – The seat of the Doge, formerly the seat of the King.

Council House – A parliament building

Naval Barracks – A naval office

Moon’s Ward – a run down ward in he old quarter, where a community of wild races live.


There are several famous bridges in the city. They include the Wailing Bridge, Wolfsbridge, Lindgate Bridge, St Fredericks Bridge, and Bainsgate Bridge.


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