The people of Ave Sestina are known for being kind, welcoming, and joyful. There is a fine appreciation for the arts, and a healthy attitude towards relaxation and leisure. People in all stations of life often attend parties and musical performances.

The city of Ave Sestina has an independent spirit. The city has been ruled by a partial democracy for five hundred years, refusing to bow before any King since King Forrester was overthrown by the people’s rebellion.

About 20% of the city’s population is employed by the navy. The city has a proud navy, and a strong sailor culture. Every few years, Ave Sestina is attacked by pirates or one of the neighboring city states. Due to their stalwart navy, and the skill of local militias, the city has not bowed before a king in 500 years.


Masks are an important part of Ave Sestina culture. They are worn when people wish to conceal their identity or social status. Their use is regulated by the government. Masks are worn during festival times, and for political events like voting. It is illegal to carry weapons while wearing a mask.

Masks are created by the mascherari, the guild of mask makers in the Old Quarter who belong to the The Lyceum Ars.


Types of masks:
Bauta – a half mask that conceals identity but does not hinder eating and drinking.
Volto – a round mask which covers the entire face, including the mouth.
Moretta – a black veil typically worn by women.


In August of every year, the city celebrates Festival. Festival is a month long party – shops close early, there is entertainment at night, and people wander about the streets wearing mysterious masks.


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