A Creature of the Far Realm


Enhancement: +2 item bonus to Insight and Perception checks.

Property: Resist 5 psychic.

Power (encounter)immediate interrupt. Trigger: you are teleported or are forced to move. Effect: you teleport 1 square.

Power (encounter)Move Action: teleport your speed

Current Attitude: Satisfied
“Potential in you Gehentir sees. Maybe live another year you will.”

  • Property: The bearer of Gehentir is aware of the location of any ritual components within a 30 foot radius.
  • Gain access to the Crosseyed Reach ritual. (arcane, component cost 50 gold) This allows a character to access the fourth dimension. This is exactly like a huge ass bag of holding.
  • Power: (encounter) Minor: Teleport 1 square.

Gehentir is a small creature roughly resembling a pyramid made of flesh, with an eye on each of the pyramid’s faces. He has a round, leechlike mouth on the underside of the pyramid. Gehentir communicates telepathically.

Gehentir flees the creatures from the far realm, which he calls the Quo’na’ri. He despises them and wishes to see them killed. He feeds on magic, and will consume magic items or potions. He wishes to return to the astral sea, where he will be able to return to his true form, which exists in four dimensions.


Current Concordance: 14

Gehentir gains concordance when:

  • you kill an aberration
  • you feed him a magic item

Gehentir loses concordance if:

  • you go too long without feeding him
  • you don’t make progress towards taking him home
  • Gehentir

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