Brendel and Alanna Kelson

Two young nobles, nephew and niece to the late Councilman Kelson


Brendel and Alanna are young nobles from St. Beck’s district. They are the niece and nephew of the late Councilman Kelson, who raised them as diplomats. Their family contains traces of aristocratic blood, but they pride themselves on representing the common people of Ave Sestina.

The Kelsons are populists – generally, they feel that the city is best served by taking power away from the ruling class and returning it to the people.

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Brendel is a scruffy young noble. He has a dark sense of humor and has no problem getting his hands dirty. Brendel trusts that the party has Ave Sestina’s best interest in mind. He believes that they can best serve the city by acquiring as much power and influence as possible.

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Alanna is a thin, beautiful young noble. She is calm, soft spoken, and diplomatic. She believes that the party can best serve the city by completing the pacts of the Bridges of Ave Sestina, even though doing so may make enemies in the process.

Brendel and Alanna Kelson

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