Ave Sestina

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, part II

The Thrilling Conclusion of an Adventure on St. Melar's Island

The Gate Crashers found a lot of books in the tower. They seemed to be stolen from the Lower Stacks.

Coracandro, the head of the Cult of Vecna, appeared before the Gate Crashers and asked if they would agree to parley before the battle. “We will talk, then, if you choose, I will return to the third floor and you can meet me there in battle.”

Enigmas of Vecna brought down a table with wine, bread, and cheese. Coracandro sat, most of the party stood. The aging cultist was bald, wore an eye patch, and sported a stylish pencil thin mustache.

Coracandro mentioned that he had a pet coyote, Acerack, whom he loved very much. If worse came to worse, would the party take care of Acerack? They agreed.

Coracandro said that Vecna has blessed the party. Why else are they so successful at keeping secrets? And surely they understand at this point that some information is too important to be brought into the light of day. Why else does the party carry masks? The foolish Iounites wish to make everything public, this would only cause chaos. Can you imagine if the people of Ave Sestina knew that their government worked with Devils? So Vecna blesses them.

Coracandro mentioned that the secrets they were guarding were very interesting. It seems that there is a power source underneath Ave Sestina. And several foreign groups are tapping into that power source. The problem is, the power source is guarded by a great beast. The guardian stirs in his sleep and will soon awaken.

The party gave Coracandro the option to surrender peacefully. He said he would prefer to retire to the countryside and never contest the party again (best to get out of the city before the beast awakens). They agreed. He started to leave, and the party began to talk of tying him up and taking him prisoner.

“Wait,” said Coracandro, “that is not part of the deal you struck.” Norrin had enough, and shot Coracandro in the chest with an arrow. He spat at them, calling them dishonorable for attacking during a parley, and retreated to his floor.

The battle was gross. Kevian went toe to toe with a bronze warder, Norrin backed him up. Coracandro blasted the party with lightning as his Norkers attacked. They eventually felled Coracandro and took his head.

The party’s next stop was the High Cathedral, where High Counselor Samos Burien was pleased to hear about the cult’s defeat. He awarded them a large sum of gold, a marble elephant, and gave them a writ which they could take to the Lyceum to have a magic item made (level 9 or lower).

The party agreed to work with Samos on a more long-term basis. He would seek funds to give them a house in St. Beck’s District. “It’s a very nice house,” he said as he smiled.

The Marble Elephant turned out to be a Figurine of Wonderous Power. Once per day, it can turn into a full sized elephant. Kevian quickly headed to the market district where a doll maker created a sedan for the elephant figurine’s back. Now they’d be riding in style.


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