Ave Sestina

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, part I

An Adventure on St. Melar's Island

Raure discovered a crystal ball in the Lower Stacks under the Lyceum – it had been used to communicate with Coracandro, the head of the local Cult of Vecna. After the battle with the beholder, she backtraced the connection and discovered that Coracandro was somewhere in the western half of the city.

Malharath, having been recently rescued from the Cult, couldn’t remember a lot of what happened to him. He did have a snippet of a memory of being carried through a graveyard before numerous rituals were cast on him by the Vecnites.

With these two pieces of information, the Gate Crashers were able to figure out that the Cult of Vecna was operating out of St. Melar’s, the graveyard island. The party’s patron, High Councelor Samos Burien, sent them there with a special writ to use the ferry.

Before heading over to the island, Thorc led the group to The Oak, where they met with an acquaintance of Thorc’s. He was a Dragonborn Ardent named Transk. Transk has been living in Ave Sestina for a few years, but had been jaded by the city’s inability to fix its problems. Inspired by the recent actions of the Gate Crashers, he decided it was time to get back into the adventuring life. He asked if he could tag along with the party, and they agreed.

After midnight, the party took the ferry over to St. Melar’s Island. On the way over, they talked with the ferryman Milan, who was quite annoyed at having to make so many late night trips. You mean more people access the graveyard during non-standard hours? Some investigation revealed that there were a number of people on the island right now.

The Gate Crashers located a passage underneath a mausoleum. Climbing down, they found a teleportation circle. As they approached, the God Vecna appeared within.

Vecna said he would allow them access to his temple, but required secrets in trade. He desired knowledge, power, and their souls.

The party bluffed their way into the tower, telling Vecna believable lies about other forces within the city. They also incriminated Splug, the hapless Goblin lackey they met in the Keep on the Shadowfell.

Within the chamber, the Gate Crashers were assaulted by Norkers and Enigmas of Vecna. The Norkers engaged in melee while the Engimas ripped memories from their victim’s heads. There were also a few Bronze Warders, gigantic minotaur statues made of brass.

The third and final floor lay ahead of them…


Malzizipox Malzizipox

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