Ave Sestina

The Campaign Trail

Politics and Skullduggery

The Gate Crasher’s friends Alanna and Brendel continue their campaign to be elected in St. Beck’s district as members of the city council. The party focused its attention on St. Beck’s district, sometimes known as Cathedral Quarter due to its numerous churches and cathedrals.

(I couldn’t find the map we used, so here’s another version… ignore the numbers…)

  • St. Beck’s district was being hounded by fey creatures. The party arrived at the scene and slayed two aquatic owlbears.
  • The party immediately headed to the Beast Head where they sold the severed owlbear heads for phat loot. Lusk nailed one of the heads to the signpost.
  • Some merchants were being hounded by Lemitri thugs collecting on debts. The party intimidated them out of the square.
  • The party talked to a group of Minotaur fishmongers who were experiencing some racial tension with their neighbors. The party brought the Minotaur with them in order to help give them some status in the district.
  • They ended up on [[St. Frederick’s Bridge]], the nucleus of the kidnappings going on in the region. Griff inspected the bridge and found some graffiti which said HUBEGON. The party chanted the word and inadvertently summoned the creature it named.
  • Hubegon was the ghost a troll who had ravaged the city during the days of its founding. Hubegon could not be put down, so King Frederick made a deal with him: leave the people alone, and I will pay you 10,000 gold every 500 years. Hubegon was satisfied and St. Frederick’s bridge was consecrated with this pact. The debt had not been paid in some time, and the troll demanded it from the Gate Crashers. They refused, and faced him in combat. Upon his defeat, the troll spirit was banished for another five centuries.
  • The party found thousands of gold in the water underneath the bridge. Using the minotaur’s help, they dredged it up and spent it on the political campaign.


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