Ave Sestina

Roll Them Bones

  • The Gate Crashers went to the Church of Ioun to ask if they could draw a map of the cathedral basement. The aging templars said No.
  • The party staked out the Lemitri bank. Late in the day, they observed some shady masked character able to wander in and out without being harassed by the Halfling guards. Could this be on of the Shadow assassins they’ve been looking for?
  • The party gave chase through Ave Sestina. First, they followed him through a crowd. Then they pursued him through the narrow channels of St. Beck’s district on gondola. Finally, they took to the streets and ran him down.
  • Their quarry led the party into an ambush – Shadar-Kai attacked from all angles. The party defeated them and captured their mark.
  • The party took the mark over to a warehouse in the ridge district, where they turned him over to Griff’s guild contact. The guild contact allowed them to ask three questions of the prisoner.
  • The party confirmed that the shadows are being let into Ave Sestina by the bankers. The deal is that the shadow folk get to live and work in the city, the bankers get to use them as assassins.
  • Why do the shadow folk want to live in Ave Sestina? Apparently there is a magical material called “tass” which grows near the statue of Sestina. This is a ritual component for the Shadar Kai’s ascension into immortality. They want to become these creatures called Sorrowsworn, knights of the Raven Queen, and they need tass to do it. Tass can be found in the Shadowfell, but it’s much easier and less risky to get it here.
  • Later, the party had a run-in with some upstart shifters, punk kids following a werewolf named Birch. Thorc gambled with Birch until the white wolf became angry and flipped over the table. Birch and his “Lost Boys” attacked.
  • The party killed Birch and knocked out the Lost Boys. Thorc gave them a stern talking to and set them back on the right track. It turns out that they were trying to strike at the Crowns an the Bankers who are pushing people into debt and then indenturing them into slave-like jobs in the ghetto of Ave Sestina.

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