Ave Sestina

New Moon Reising

Tremors in the Night

Two weeks had passed since the Gate Crasher’s last gathering. They spent the downtime campaigning for Alanna and Brendel, and researching some of the questions they’ve had.

Kevian learned that the pact at Bainsgate Bridge represents Old King Rinaldo’s promise to keep the aberrations (or “Bally Fen”, as he called them) from Ave Sestina. To renew this pact, the party would need to spill the blood of a powerful aberration on Bainsgate Bridge.

Mephistopheles learned that he would need to contact some powerful mages in order to get Gehentir back to the Astral Sea.

Thorc learned that there is a Primal Node here in Ave Sestina – in fact, it is the statue of Sestina in the city square. Outsiders to the city have been going there to cast a ritual which draws Tass into the world. Tass is part of the city’s primal energy. It manifests as a teal luminescent lichen or mushroom. Both Fey and Shadowfolk have been competing to harvest the Tass.

It was a new moon, and the city was wracked with tremors. The Gate Crashers headed down to the city gates to look around. Thorc spotted a nymph (named Verdalyn) who looked familiar. The party recognized her from Raure’s initiation into the Lyceum – Verdalyn was present with a satyr, presumably the one currently locked in Sovrano castle. The nymph held a ritual knife and was scraping tass off of a statue. Thorc approached her, frothing with rage.

Thorc demanded that the Nymph cease what she was doing. She agreed, but it seemed to be too late. Tremors had been wracking the area, and they were getting worse. As the ground shook and the water churned, a large brown wingless draconic form leaped up from the canal and pounced on Thorc. It was an Earthquake dragon, summoned from the city’s primal source to guard against the harvest of Tass. The dragon could not be calmed or reasoned with, it raged against all those present. Some of the tass sprouted into creatures called Vines of the Primal City. The party tangled with them as the Dragon ravaged across the square.

A Genesai named Jett appeared during the fight. He was in the right place at the right time to assist the party with the battle. After the dragon was put down, the Gate Crashers headed to the Beast Head to sell the dragon’s head and get Jett up to speed.

OUT OF GAME NOTES: no game on Saturday May 8th! And then the following weekend is Madrigal LARP, so I think the next game will be on May 22nd? That’s a ways off.. if people are down, we can schedule a week day encounter or something to that effect.


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