Ave Sestina

Enter The Gate Crashers

Thats you, btw

The party decided on a name for themselves: The Gate Crashers. This name represents their history with interplanar rifts, and also establishes that they like to party.

Where did Felix go?

The Gate Crashers began their day by trying to hunt down that bastard Felix, the halfling whose group was killed by Nashrou and then impersonated by the party.

After hitting a lot of dead ends, the party decided to be proactive. They put up posters in the main city taverns asking to audition halflings for a spelunking adventure. The next day at Frills! the party interviewed a number of halfling explorers, but none of them were Felix. They did, however, find out that Felix assembled a party and left town via boat.

Samos Burien

Alanna set up an appointment with High Counselor Samos Burien, of St. Beck’s district. Counselor Burien is an older man who wears a mitre. The party didn’t get a chance to speak with him too much, but they had a very productive meeting.

Thorc concisely presented their case: the party wants to take down the Cult of Vecna. They want the Counselor’s prestige and influence to aid them in doing this. Counselor Burien was very agreeable to this goal and agreed to sponsor them for this task. In short order he was able to acquire some of the relics apportioned by the council for the dispatch of the aberrations.

Counselor Burien suggested that the party meet him in a few days at his office at the Citadel so they can speak at length.

Under the Rose

The Gate Crashers headed over to the Cloak and Swagger to meet with the mysterious guild contact. Griff sat in the right spot for an hour or two and was contacted by a masked woman. She gave Griff two missions:

  1. Kidnap a shadow and bring it to a specific address in the Foreign district.
  2. Make a map of the basement of the Cathedral of Ioun.


The party went to Wolfsbridge to investigate the pact with the Wolf King. There are three stained glass windows there, each depicts part of the People’s Revolution.

The first window depicts the old monarchy – the aristocracy ruled over sad looking peasants.

The second window depicts the revolution – the peasants, led by the Wolf King, attack the chevaliers who defend the crown. They follow the Wolf King with torches held aloft.

The third window depicts the republic – peasants eagerly vote en masque for just rulers.

Raure correctly deduced that to contact the Wolf King, the party had to hold torches aloft at midnight. Kevian passed out sun rods and the Wolf King, a city spirit with the head of a wolf, appeared from the shadows. He told them of how he overthrew the monarchy and promised that the castle and the council house (which he pledged to build) would be free of infernal influence. He told them that he was promised blood… Chevalier blood. And that it has not been spilled on this bridge for some time. To renew the pact of Wolfsbridge and repel devils from the city government, the party would have to make a human sacrifice.

The Chevalier are a blooded caste. While 95% of the town guards are regular people who have signed up as foot soldiers and town guards, they are led by a chivalrous knightly order only accessible by blood or by deed. So not just any chevalier will do, the Wolf King wants the blood of one of the old Aristocratic families.

As the meeting drew to a close, the party was ambushed by adventurers. Street thugs, a javelin dancer, and a hexer attacked, and were slain. The party suspected that these people were another group hired by the masked people at the Chateau de Bellois.

Next Up….

After a long two days, the Gate Crashers crashed at Kelson’s manor. Right now, four goals seem most salient:

  • Make a human sacrifice of a chevalier
  • Kidnap one of the Shadows
  • Investigate where Felix went
  • Investigate and defeat the Cult of Vecna


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