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Dear Diary

A Diary Entry by Justin

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Dear Diary,

Today was the best yet at the Lyceum. It started off as a bad day. I didn’t want to go to class, and I hadn’t done my alchemy homework. As I was on my way to Drennemain’s class, a man with a big mustache told me he’d pay me a few coins if I carried some baggage for him. I said yes.

It turns out the man’s name was Janos and he was a member of an adventuring party called the Gate Crashers. They were going to kill the bad guys camped out in the lower stacks. I’m not allowed to even go NEAR the lower stacks so I was excited and a little scared. I told them I had homework to do, and a hairy man told me he could help. I gave him my alchemy worksheet and he did it for me!

Most of them were pretty nice… There was a Dragonborn named Raure who I’ve seen around the Lyceum. She was very worried that I might get hurt. A Tiefling named Meph had a really big axe. He was talking to himself all the time. That guy Janos was very well dressed and seemed kind of annoyed with the mages. There was an elf named Griff, he was always looking over his shoulder. The hairy guy who did my homework was named Thorc, he reminded me of a big doggie. And there was a really tall green thing named Kevian. I don’t know what kind of thing he was.

They went down into the lower stacks where there was a lot of ooze. I waited outside the room while they dealt with it.

Then all of the sudden they were yelling for help. I ran into the room and somebody tossed me a sword. They said to wash it in the holy font in the corner. I did and the sword started to glow a little bit. I tossed it to somebody and they hit the monster with it. It turns out they were fighting an undead beholder. It kept biting them with its tentacles and floating away.

My job was to run weapons over to the holy font and wash them. This made them hurt the beholder more. I basically saved everybody’s lives.

There was another guy they found down there – his name was Malharath, he has really green eyes. I think the bad guys had been casting rituals on him. When he woke up he looked really confused like he couldn’t remember what he was doing there.

The beholder was about to kill everybody, so I grabbed my wand and I shot it with a few magic missiles. I’m only one in my class who can cast Magic Missile, so I’m glad I’ve been practicing! The beholder died and everybody looked really relieved.

Everybody was so proud of me! Drennemain was angry that I went into the lower stacks, but I think she forgave me because I saved the city and all. I still got detention, and I’m on hench duty for the rest of the week, just carrying things and doing chores. But it was totally worth it. I helped destroy the Cult of Vecna.

A bunch of my classmates don’t believe me, but it doesn’t matter. I’m gonna be a hero some day.



Malzizipox Malzizipox

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