Venice carnival

This 4th edition D&D campaign takes place at the Main St. house in Tarrytown, NY. It runs on Sundays. Game begins at 2 PM.

Dan is DMing. Contact him to make a character.

The campaign is open to anybody who wants to play. If a ton of people are interested, we will have to cap it at 6 or 7 people. We understand if you can’t make it every week, but be sure to RSVP with Dan if you’re not coming.

The campaign is set in a city similar to Renaissance Venice, called Ave Sestina. It’s an independent city state where multiple organizations vie for control of the city. Ave Sestina is an ancient city, old enough that much of it’s history has been forgotten. The city faces a number of problems – the bureaucrats and nobles are too wrapped up in their own dealings to properly address them. The adventurers have come to the city to seek their fame and fortune.

More information about the campaign setting can be found here: The City of Ave Sestina (or on the wiki tab, above)

Ave Sestina

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